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July 2021 
 This quarter we’re going to discuss how to take your support services to the next level.

Last quarter we wrote about “Building a Foundation for Best in Class Services” and we introduced the 5 Business Outcomes that our clients are looking for:

 1.Deliver Support Services – Foundation
 2.Deliver Support Services – Next Level
 3.Manage the Company
 4.Lead the Company
 5.Grow the Company

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 In Q2 we served up some excellent resources that can help you make better decisions and solidify stronger IT strategies this year. Here are a few handpicked pieces we think you’ll appreciate.

Guest Blog:

James Davis, Managing Director Sea-Level Operations in APAC, was a guest on The Revenue Fix with Nathan Harding podcast. He discussed the common roadblock issues that MSPs face when trying to scale, as well as the strategies, tactics and best practices that are currently helping MSPs to scale up and win big in 2021.

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 When a company employs from 5 to 10 people, the owner is usually aware of everything going on – and so is everyone else. But that will change as you start to grow the business. The Rule of 7 states that a manager should have up to 7 direct reports. At that number, they have the time to provide leadership and management oversight. You can push it to 10 or 11, but beyond that, there just isn’t time to do a great job with each direct report, and the business is strained, bottlenecked in leadership.

Finding the right path to growth isn’t easy. In his guest blog for CompTIA, Rex Frank discusses how implementing operational excellence strategies can help your business reach the next level.

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 Most MSPs are still saying they have fixed-fee IT services, EXCEPT for cybersecurity. We’re doing this because we have not yet learned how to leverage security tools, technology and standardization to mitigate the risk (that we really don’t even understand). I address this sales alignment issue in my recent blog for ConnectWise. 

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 The Sea-Level team has been very busy this year, adding new resources and valuable updates to client favorites. Take a few minutes to review the lists below that include direct links to the resources (SLAP login required). 

4 Helpful Lists Template
POD System (Committee)
6K Procurement Coordination (committee)
Service Ticket #42388 - RESOURCE~ 6J Payroll Allocation Report

 “Dual Membership" clients in both Sea-Level and Evolve report books are due on July 15; Non-Evolve SLI input is due on July 21.

We are encouraging all clients to report on the newer SLI fields around Marketing Expenses, Hardware as a Service, R&D, Master MSP and Government Relief. Please speak with your coach if you have ANY questions.
 Richard Markeson joins Sea-Level as an MSP and service company consultant turned coach. He has owned his own IT services company and been COO of a large MSP on the east coast. Currently Rich pastors a local church in Tucson, AZ, and works for Sea-Level. Rich has a passion for road cycling and old Corvettes. He has 4 children, 2 grandchildren, and just celebrated being married to his wife Janet for 30 years this month. He has expressed, “With Sea-Level, I am excited again to come to work each day and see people succeed!” 

 David Harrop joins Sea-Level Operations APAC as a senior executive coach in Melbourne. He brings over 25 years of experience in the industry to the team, having held various technical, managerial, solution/departmental architecture roles, and most recently consulting with different-sized TSPs in the APAC regions to architect their product/service portfolios and delivery. His wide range of experience includes working in some very large global companies, such as Dimension Data. He is excited to join the team and share his knowledge to impact the industry by bringing a different kind of thinking to lift the maturity of the APAC region. 

 James Davis, our managing director, has certainly been busy developing new relationships with other IT communities and vendors in the APAC region. A few insights we would like to pass along are captured below.

Health and safety are top priorities. While we practice social distancing, we are starting to get “out and about” and also hosting webinars and attending virtual events to stay connected.

Ahead of the game for the quarterly newsletter, here is the APAC Section. Lots of things going on down here:

  • As we are meeting and engaging with more clients in the APAC region, we are seeing 3 common challenges that are really stalling TSPs growth and progress:

 1.Tech Recruitment
 2.Leadership Skill and Knowledge
 3.Client Acquisition

We are seeing TSPs get stuck and focusing on these issues, but leaving untapped potential by not focusing on improving operations to improve efficiencies, enabling of current employees to be better leveraged and coaching through operational issues to develop current leaders in the team.

From our experience, there is so much improvement and low-hanging fruit that can be focused on that will grow revenue, profit and expertise in the current business that can assist in solving the common issues we are facing in APAC. To put things into perspective, APAC TSPs are generally 5 years behind in their business maturity, as compared to the same-sized TSP in the U.S. We are seeing that, due to the APAC culture and willingness to engage in new ideas and systems, we can catch up pretty quickly and have the ability to mature in some areas ahead of the U.S. with the right focus.

  • It’s end of the financial year. Have you budgeted for the next? Never used a budget or need help making it work? Why not contact us? Schedule a time with James for advice and help –
  • Superannuation is going up to 10% from 9.5%. Are you going to wear the 0.5% rise in payroll costs? If you haven’t done a price rise in years, maybe it’s time to position yourself to do it. Schedule a time with James for advice and help –
  • With the recommencement of the ConnectWise IT Nation Share groups online, we were lucky to be involved and hosted a session to help ConnectWise users to think about their agreement profitability and improve their use of ConnectWise Manage. If you are a ConnectWise Manage user, it is well worth looking out for and getting involved in the Share user groups –
  • We have continued our educational webinar series to help the SMBiT Pro community mature their business operations. We continue to see attendance grow as members soak in the knowledge that we are sharing. If you are looking for a community, go and check out a local chapter –
  • We are continuing to provide educational content and helping the ConnectWise IT Nation Evolve members as a part of the SME Team for APAC. I will be attending the upcoming quarterly meetings for both owners and sales/service execs at the end of August/start of September –
  • Start planning for events later in the year, where we will be to help the industry

Sea-Level out and about

Rex Frank
Founder and CEO


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