How to deliver best-in-class service in 2021
April 2021  
  For more than 10 years now, over 500 of our clients have mastered the Sea-Level Operations Guide, which is based on our 10 Pillars:  

  1. Get Your PSA Configured
  2. Life of a Ticket
  3. Establish Measurable KPIs
  4. Service Team HR
  5. Leverage Your Tools
  6. Get Your Accounting Systems in Order
  7. Client Facing Systems
  8. Get Ready to Grow
  9. Marketing
  10. Develop Your Outside Sales Strategy.

  These 10 Pillars contain 87 different Operational Focuses that we have systematically coached our clients through the 5 Phases of Operational Excellence:  

  1. Understand the Best Practice
  2. Document Your Way
  3. Train Your Team
  4. Implement Your Process
  5. Inspect What You Expect

  Over the last 3 years, our effort has been on developing operational standards for each focus area and how they change through each of the 4 growth and maturity stages.  

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  In Q1 we served up some excellent resources that can help you make better decisions and solidify stronger IT strategies this year. Here are a few handpicked pieces we think you’ll appreciate.

Webinar: Learn How to Succeed at Your Goals 100% of the Time

What if you had the superpower to know exactly what your client wanted and what they were willing to pay? 

Sea-Level’s Rex Frank and special guest Richard Hoag, Esq., CEO FIRST Professional Resources, Inc., offered an overview of the F.I.R.S.T. Method®. This rapid improvement program helps you implement simple but unique tools and processes to achieve your business and personal goals in 2021. 

Topics Discussed

Discovering the “Real Issues” hidden in every communication
Guiding others through their decision-making process
Learning how to develop the link between your goals and their goals and get a “decision in your favor”
Incorporating and practicing Total Relationship Management

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  Webinar: Keep Your Budget Fluid In 2021  
  Sea-Level’s Rex Frank and Larry Cobrin from talked about the importance of budgets and planning. We really don’t know what 2021 will look like, but you still must make a plan. You also need to know when it is time to adapt your plan to an unanticipated reality. 

Topics discussed

How to build a budget for the coming year
How to know if you need to adapt to a changing environment.
What are the clues you need to consider?
Changes in staffing
Changes in revenue
Changes in operations

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  The Sea-Level team has been very busy this year adding new resources and valuable updates to client favorites. Take a few minutes to review the lists below that include direct links to the resources (SLAP login required).

Cybersecurity – take a look at our new suite of documents

Cyber Security Insurance
Incident Communication Plan
Incident Response Planning
Cyber Security Policies (Operational Focus Title)
Cyber Security KPI's
MSP Cyber Security Risk Management
Sales – New guide to onboard new sales employees
Accounting – Updated budget template
SLAP – A collection of Rex Frank's videos and instructions on the use of portal

  “Dual Membership" clients in both Sea-Level and Evolve report books are due on April 15, Non-Evolve SLI input is due on April 21.

We are encouraging all clients to report on the newer SLI fields around Marketing Expenses, Hardware as a Service, R&D, Master MSP and Government Relief. Please speak with your coach if you have ANY questions.
  Josh Moree joins Sea-Level with a background in IT, Project Management, and MSPs. He serves our clients as an Executive Coach during the day and in the evenings and weekends, he’s a martial arts instructor/competitor. He is also a family man with a wife and three children who loves to share their family hobbies of making music and art.

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Our Team 
  James Davis, our Managing Director, has certainly been busy developing new relationships with other IT communities and vendors in the APAC region. A few insights we would like to pass along are captured below.  

  Market Outlook  

In APAC we are seeing a lot more confidence in the market, our clients’ activities are increasing due to their clients ramping up again. TSPs with good processes are reaping the benefits at the moment.


  Strategic Partnerships Update  

James is excited to have joined the ConnectWise IT Nation Evolve SME Team for APAC. This SME Team is a group of people from various fields who work with and support TSPs and the industry. He will be attending the Upcoming Quarterly Meetings for both Owners and Sales/Service Execs in May. -
We have continued our educational webinar series to help the SMBiT Pro Community mature its business operations. We continue to see attendance grow as members soak in the knowledge that we are sharing.
We have been invited to participate in the wonderful TechTribe community and contribute to their members’ success. We look forward to getting more involved and share our experiences on their online platform.


  Budget Time!  

Only 3 months to go until the end of the financial year, so this is the time to start building a budget ready to hit the ground running. If you aren’t a client but need some advice on budgeting or any other challenges, schedule a call with me. -


  Sea-Level Grows Again: Welcome David and Danah  

David Jackson joins Sea-Level Operations as a Senior Executive Coach after living in Sweden for over 7 years. He brings more than 20 years of experience in the industry to the team. Having held various technical roles, owned and operated his own MSP, been a ConnectWise and Wise-Sync Consultant, and provided specialized consulting to TSPs. He is excited to be joining the team and looks forward to impacting TSPs in the APAC region.
Danah Olisa joins the team from the Philippines with over 7 years’ experience in various backend support roles as our Admin Support Officer. She will be focused on supporting the team, improving our processes, and providing our clients with great experiences from initial contact, onboarding and beyond. She is very excited to be joining us in the early stages of our APAC office and looks forward to helping us and our clients grow.

  Health and safety are top priorities. While we practice social distancing, we are starting to get “out and about” and also hosting webinars and attending virtual events to stay connected.

Here's where you can “Sea” us next:

GlueTalks Q2 – Virtual Event April 20
Evolve SEPG Webinar Series - Ticket Triage and Dispatch Process Virtual April 21
Evolve Owners Meetings North America Q2, Dallas, TX May 3-7
Evolve Owners Meetings APAC Q2, Virtual May 3-7
Evolve SEPG APAC Meeting Q2, Virtual May 12-13
CharTec Academy Q2 Virtual May 19-21
Evolve Owners Meetings Q2, EMEA May 24-28


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