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January 2021 
 In 2011 Sea-Level created the “Path to Operational Excellence” series, which served the community well for many years. In 2018, our theme was “The 4 Levers of Gross Margin” The theme in 2019 was the “Operational Journey”, and in 2020 our messaging was largely around “Adding Security to Your Managed Services Offering”, although COVID shifted it to “Crisis Financial Planning”.

Sea-Level’s theme for 2021 will be community education around “Scalability”; how the business changes, how the leaders change and the operational changes that companies must work though in preparation for multiplying their current revenue.

Most companies are looking for a “Grow the Company” outcome. When we say scalability, we want you to Consider these 10 Scalability challenges.

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 In Q4 we served up some excellent resources that can help you make better decisions and solidify stronger IT strategies for the New Year. Here are a few handpicked pieces we think you’ll appreciate.

Webinar: Is Your Service Delivery Process in Autotask Holding You Back?

Does your service delivery process need improvement? Have you recently reviewed your ticket life cycle? Do you know how your process measures up in the maturity of your service delivery? Tweaking key configurations in your delivery process can help you run your business more efficiently and save you money.

In this webinar, Datto and Sea-Level Operations walked you through how to evaluate your delivery process. You can see how to push toward greater maturity and how to configure Autotask PSA to support your delivery growth.

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 ITGLUE 2021 MSP Outlook Report 
 The MSP business appears to have become more polarized. As the stresses of economic turbulence wreaked havoc on MSPs that lacked maturity, it also created opportunities for best-in-class performers to grow. Resilience and adaptability were the keys to success in 2020. But what about 2021? This e-book will help you to manage expectations for 2021. 

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 Webinar: Is Your Service Delivery Process Holding You Back? 
 Sea-Level was pleased to partner with David Russell CEO of Manage 2 Win, and architect of 3strands Leadership, the three most important practices of effective leaders. This webinar explains a simple yet powerful leadership system that enables organizations to thrive and people to experience very meaningful work. 

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 A big thank you to all CompTIA members for voting! We are proud to announce that Sea-Level founder and CEO, Rex Frank, was elected to the Managed Services Executive Council (EC) for 2021. He is ready to offer his decades of experience and insights to the CompTIA community. We’ll share any key meeting takeaways in upcoming newsletters...stay tuned! 
 James Davis, our Managing Director, has certainly been busy developing new relationships with other IT communities and Vendors in the APAC region. A few insights we would like to pass along are captured below.

A JobKeeper Reminder
The last round of reduced JobKeeper payments is happening Q1 2021. It is important to continue your cash flow planning and have a clear payment for yourself when the payments stop. Best practice for accounting is to have the JobKeeper and Cash flow boost payments in Non-Operating Income so that you still easily see your operating profits and final profits after government stimulus payments.

 Power Through Partnerships
We are now the official Strategic Partners of SMBiT Pro. We successfully ran our first webinar in November (Operational Journey) and will be running a monthly educational webinar every 3rd Thursday of the month for SMBiT Pro Members.

 Staying Connected, Building Partnerships
Late last year we were involved with ConnectWise Evolve Owners Meetings with many groups focusing on understanding utilizing both EOS and StratOp programs or solving a common problem, which is how to measure Agreement Profitability properly.

James looks forward to sharing news about exciting collaborations in progress in the months to come!
 “Dual Membership" clients in both Sea-Level and Evolve report books are due on January 15, Non-Evolve/HTG SLI input is due on January 21.

Reminder – If you have 8 Quarters of data entered through 2020 Q4, you will receive the additional annual business valuation report from Service Leadership.

We are encouraging all clients to report on the newer SLI fields around Marketing Expenses, Hardware as a Service, R&D, Master MSP and Government Relief. Please speak with your coach if you have ANY questions.
 Health and safety are top priorities. While we practice social distancing, we won’t be “out and about” but we will continue to host webinars and attend virtual events to stay connected to our community, digitally.

Here's where we'll "zooming" to next:

2021 Budget and Planning – Keep it Fluid

Join Rex Frank and Larry Cobrin from as they talk about both the importance of budgets and planning. We really don’t know what 2021 will look like but you still must make a plan. You also need to know when it is time to adapt your plan to an unanticipated reality.

Topics to discuss
  1. How to build a budget for the coming year
  2. How to know if you need to adapt to a changing environment. What are the clues you need to consider?
    1. Changes in staffing
    2. Changes in revenue
    3. Changes in operations
Dates and Times

Thursday Jan 28, 2021

Option 1: 6:00 a.m. PST for East Coast and EMEA


 Option 2: 11:00 a.m. PST for North America 


 Option 3: 3:00 p.m. PST for West Coast and APAC (Would be APAC Friday) 


 ConnectWise Evolve Owners – Virtual 
 Feb 1st to 5th 
 ConnectWise Evolve Service Exec – Virtual 
 Feb 15th and 17th 
 ConnectWise Evolve Owners APAC - Virtual 
 Feb 15th to 19th 
 CharTec Academy - Virtual 
 Feb 24th to 26th 
 ConnectWise Evolve Owners EMEA – Virtual 
 March 1st to 5th 
 ConnectWise Evolve Service Exec APAC – Virtual 
 March 2nd 
 ChannelPro Business Management Online Summit 
 March 3rd 
 ConnectWise Evolve Service Exec EMEA – Virtual 
 March 8th and 9th 
 CompTIA Communities and Councils Forum (CCF) – Virtual 
 March 16th to 17th

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