October 2020 
 Sea-Level is excited to present 4 sessions at the IT Nation Connect virtual event this November 10-12. Though virtual, this year promises to pack all the peer-to-peer support, influential breakout sessions and in-depth industry insights to help technology service providers drive their business forward.

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 Here are the sessions we'll be presenting:  

 The Journey from Tech to Service Leader
The most driven, motivated leaders come from in house. In this session, we'll learn how service technician Fred worked with his company's business owner Bob to transition from a rockstar service technician to an effective service executive.
Date:Nov. 11
Time:3:00 a.m. ET – 4:00 a.m. ET

 Driving Security Margin with Operations
Security isn't just another value-added good-to-have. In an increasingly digital world, clients are looking for ways to keep their assets and data secure from a range of new threats.
Date:Nov. 11
Time:7:30 p.m. ET – 8:30 p.m. ET

 Get Started with Business Budgeting
Budgeting is about more than just keeping your expenses in control. A solid budgeting strategy can take you from chasing invoices to meeting expenses to a stable finance strategy, focused on reinvesting and mitigating risk.
Date:Nov. 12
Time:10:15 a.m. ET – 11:15 a.m. ET

 Creating Alignment Between Owners and Business Leaders
When service leaders and business owners work hand in hand, magic happens. In this session, join Dan Saxby and Rex Frank, CEO of Sea-Level Operations, to learn how to align business-owner goals, targets and vision with service-leader excellence. We'll walk you through the ITN Evolve Service Executive Peer Group workbook, a unique guide that helps align your business vision with the capabilities of your service leadership team.
Date:Nov. 12
Time:4:00 p.m. ET – 5:00 p.m. ET

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 Owners look at top-performing service techs as future leaders for the service department. The logic is simple: top service techs understand the ins and outs of the process, they know your clients and they're not afraid to get their hands dirty. Transitioning a service tech to a service leader has potential, but there are challenges you'll need to deal with.

Management is a completely new function. Your service tech might not understand what good is, what the expectations are and how to align the department's work with overall business goals. Read on to learn the 3 key areas where service managers become exceptional leaders.

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 When an MSP gets to a certain size, the owner starts thinking about how to increase sales. They talk to their friends, start reading up and usually say the same thing. You need to hire a salesperson. Who should you hire? 

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 All current members of CompTIA and the Managed Services Community are encouraged to participate in the annual election for the Executive Council (EC) for 2021. We're excited to announce that Sea-Level founder and CEO, Rex Frank is one of the nominees this year and is eager to bring his insights and energy to the CompTIA community. As a member, you'll receive an email with instructions and a unique URL to vote. Vote by close of business on Friday, October 30, 2020. 
 Sea-Level turned 10 this year, and wouldn't you know we're in a pandemic? We had an awesome anniversary party planned for IT Nation Connect 2020. Sadly, we'll be moving this to 2021. Plan to join us for our "10 plus 1" party at IT Nation Connect 2021. Your plus one is a referral. We'll celebrate like it's 2021! Stay tuned for details!  
 Sea-Level APAC is making a big splash in the Australia and New Zealand market
Led by James Davis, Sea-Level coaches have been helping Australian business owners deal with a dynamic business environment. Sea-Level's APAC operations have expanded significantly over the past few months as we enable businesses to build resilience into their long-term strategies.

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 Join Sea-Level APAC at ConnectWise Evolve Service Exec Peer Group
Join your peers at the ConnectWise Evolve Service Exec Peer Group virtual meetings November 9 and 10. Sea-Level APAC Director James Davis will be facilitating one of the groups.

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 Vote your pick: We're hosting an APAC virtual workshop
We'll be hosting a virtual workshop on APAC time to discuss the challenges Australian and New Zealand business owners are facing. What topic most interests you?

Engineer Compensation Plans
From Tech to Service Manager
Project Management

 Send James an email and let him know directly at James@sealevelops.com. 

 Don't stop making decisions post-ATO
With the Initial Cashflow Boost program and the first round of ATO Jobkeeper finishing in September, businesses are starting to feel uncertain. Now is not the time to slow down your decision making. Start forecasting your finances for the next 3–6 months. If you're uncertain how to proceed, contact us to work with one of our financial coaches.

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 Social distancing and health and safety are top priorities for Sea-Level. We're working to transform your service excellence without compromising what matters: your physical well-being. Stay connected by attending our virtual webinars, podcasts and leadership meets over the next couple months. Here's where we're zooming to next. Join us safely! 
 IT Nation Connect 
 November 10–12, 2020 
 CharTec Academy 
 Dec 2, 2020