July 2020 
 Client Satisfaction Has Never Been More Important 
 Client satisfaction is always important, of course, and today as we begin coming out of a global lockdown, it's imperative to remember you are not just working through tickets – you're helping people. Many of whom were hurriedly thrust into working from home without coworkers or an IT department down the hall.

Experts are predicting that 30% of companies will change providers based on how well their suppliers supported them through the pandemic. This is an opportunity to pick up 30% of your competitors' clients. There's also a risk that 30% of your clients are looking to leave.

Happy Clients Don't Leave

Even if your clients are safely working from home and the urgency for immediate IT help has died down, make sure you continue to take care of people so they remember how reliable and essential your staff members and services were during the pandemic.

Your clients have chosen you. Make sure you remain their choice.

Reach out; we're here for you,
Rex Frank
Founder & CEO, Sea-Level Operations
 Welcome to the 2nd half of 2020, more affectionately referred to as 2020 Take Two! We're launching 4 new initiatives based on community needs. 
Service Leadership Congratulates Sea-Level on 10 Incredible Years

The team here at Service Leadership is happy to congratulate Ken, Chris, Rex and the entire team at Sea-Level Operations on the 10th anniversary of its founding. The value Sea-Level brings to the Solution Provider community is evidenced not only by their continued successful growth, but by the reputation the team has earned for making substantive positive impacts on their clients' businesses. We're thrilled to work with Sea-Level to help Solution Provider owners and executives everywhere, successfully navigate the challenges of driving to best-in-class value creation. – Paul Dippell, CEO of Service Leadership, Inc.
 When ConnectWise IT Nation Explore went virtual, our preconference workshops on Project Management and Transitioning from Tech to Service Manager were cancelled. We have made them available virtually. 
 Jul 30 • 8:00 a.m.- 12:00p.m. PT • $399
Speaker: Jay Hokke, Senior Executive Coach
Successful projects start at the beginning when you first get the lead. In this 4-hour workshop we'll help you get your project process conceptualized, customized, trained and ready for implementation. We'll cover opportunity management, scope creation, engineer buy-in, client expectation setting, and of course – project management and project invoicing. If you're struggling with random inconsistencies in your projects or reinventing the wheel for every project, you can't miss this bootcamp!
 Aug 06 • 8:00 a.m.- 12:00 p.m. PT • $399
Speakers: Jay Hokke, Senior Executive Coach and Rex Frank, Founder & CEO
Have you struggled to define your service manager role and boundaries? You're not the first – or last service manager who is stuck in the loop of being too busy to make a measurable impact – or to struggle to get buy-in from your leadership team. This workshop is exactly what you need to get your role and processes as a service manager in order. In this 4-hour workshop we'll share our proven best practices and a practical approach to grow your service manager role along with steps to overcome common challenges in the role.
 Conference Calls: A New Way of Meeting 
 Conference calls have now become a way of life for most of us as companies across the world went home to work. This tongue-in-cheek video shows us the lighter side of digital conference calls. 
 SLI Benchmark Reports Due  
 "Dual Membership" clients in both Sea-Level and Evolve/HTG report books are due on July 15, Non-Evolve/HTG SLI input is due on July 21. Please speak with your coach if you have ANY questions! 
 We hope everyone received the Financial Early Warning ScoreTM from Service Leadership back in April. This is calculated based three key factors:
  1. Your EBIDTA Percentage
  2. Your recurring revenue expense coverage (comparing your recurring revenue to your recurring costs and expenses)
  3. Your current ratio (comparing your current assets to your current liabilities)
These three factors indicate how ready your company is to withstand difficult financial times. Your Sea-Level coach is ready to review the scores with you.
 We have teamed up with James Davis and he will begin working as a local resource to our Australia and New Zealand clients. Read the press release and learn more about the initiative! 
 Health and safety is a top priority. While we practice social distancing, we won't be "out and about" but we will continue to host webinars and attend virtual events to stay connected to our community, digitally.

Here's where we'll "zooming" to next:
 Sea-Level Operations Presents: Project Management – Where does it really start? 07/30
 Sea-Level Operations Presents: Becoming an Effective Service Manager 08/06
 ConnectWise Evolve – Virtual 08/03 – 08/07
 IT by Design webinar 08/13
 IT by Design Build IT – Virtual 09/01
 CharTec Academy – Virtual 09/16 – 09/18
 IT Nation Evolve  – Chicago 10/05 – 10/08
 IT Nation Evolve – Orlando 11/09 – 11/13
 IT Nation Connect – Orlando 11/11 – 11/13
 Regularly check our website for upcoming and recorded webinars and outings.