April 2020  
  Stick with Your Processes Now More
Than Ever
  It’s an uncertain time for every industry, but you need to resist the natural tendency to slip back into old patterns. It will only create chaos. Instead, when the going gets tough, you have to rely on your processes because it’s easy to go back to chaos.  
  Advice for Navigating These Turbulent Times  
  These unprecedented times create a lot of stress for owners, managers and employees. Most of that stress comes from the fear of the unknown. Here is where you should focus right now:

Owners – Financially plan. For owners, it’s stressful to be uncertain about what is going to happen to revenue and costs. I know I slept better after our leadership team took some time to model out what would happen if we lost 20%, 30% and 50% of our revenue. We planned out some trigger points and what decisions had to be made at those points. The key was making the decisions now and knowing if certain things happen, we just need to execute.

Managers – Communicate. In the absence of information, people will make up their own. Share your views and plans with your team consistently.

Employees – Focus on adding value. Keep your attention on being valuable to the company in any way you can think of. Be creative and bring in skills you don’t normally use for work. We all hate change, yet right now we are having to figure things out on the fly.

As we all deal with this global pandemic, we want to hear directly from you. Call us and let us know what you’re hearing from clients and the challenges you’re facing. We can help you work through operational issues to gain efficiency, create a new financial plan, retain the right clients, find a new competitive advantage or set your strategy to keep your business on track.

Reach out; we’re here for you,
Rex Frank
Founder & CEO, Sea-Level Operations
  How Well Will Your Team Work From Home?  
  With everyone working from home, we worked with TTI Success Insights (DISC) to put together a free assessment for your staff that will help them understand how their natural style and tendencies affect their ability to work from home. Share this with your team.  

How to Get Stronger Through a Crisis

April 14 Noon PT

  The strong will get stronger and the weak will get weaker as this pandemic completes its run this year. The question is, how?

This podcast is an open discussion between Rex Frank of Sea-Level Operations and David Russell of Manage 2 Win. The focus is a limited number of specific steps you can take to increase client loyalty, employee productivity, and profitability. If you have a question you want answered, then email it to Rex@SeaLevelOps.com.

Rex and David will give you at least one option to try. Don’t give up. Better times are ahead. Wise people are going to take advantage of this crisis. Join this podcast to learn how to join the winner’s circle.
  Deliver Engaging Remote QBRs and IT Strategy Meetings
April 21 Noon PT
  Join Rex Frank from Sea-Level Operations and Denes Purnhauser with Managed Services Platform to discuss how to make your team more productive, focused and accountable to accomplish the overwhelming amount of remote client meetings.

Learn how to protect your revenue streams and provide stability to your team by closing project opportunities with strategic Audits and QBRs delivered remotely.

You’ll also learn how to leverage the Managed Services Platform Remote Work Readiness Assessments, QBRs and Digital Strategy processes can help to empower your team and become even stronger during this market instability.
  Somewhere around 1980, my Grandpa Rex asked me what I wanted to do when I grew up. I remember saying, without hesitation, “My dad uses computers, I want to fix them.” At the time, I couldn’t imagine the journey this idea would lead me on, or that it would include starting Sea-Level Operations in 2010. Not long ago, we signed our 400th client agreement. To celebrate this accomplishment and thank everyone who has helped me along the way, I wrote this article celebrating 10 years of operational excellence.  
  New Content Now in the SLAP Portal  
  On Friday, March 13, our coaches met to discuss, collect and share the relevant resources that we are seeing on our coaching calls. Here’s what we need you to know:

We have created a COVID-19 video and content repository that Sea-Level Members can find in SLAP in the Extra Sea-Level Members Content section. It includes our recorded webinar, PowerPoint and a collection of client-provided content.

Be sure to check back often as we will be uploading new content as members share with us. If you would like to contribute your thoughts or ideas to the Sea-Level Membership, please email ideas@sealevelops.com using “COVID-19 Contribution” as the subject.

Please note if you can’t find your SLAP login, please contact your Coach or email support@sealevelops.com.
  SLI Benchmark Reports Due  
  “Dual Membership" clients in both Sea-Level and Evolve/HTG report books are due on April 15, Non-Evolve/HTG SLI input is due on April 21. Please speak with your coach if you have ANY questions!  
  Get A FREE BIC-o-Meter!  
  As you look to make your business more efficient and competitive, we wanted to share something that can help. Service Leadership, Inc. has made their BIC-o-meter free for Sea-Level Operations members! The tool helps you play with real numbers, based on best-in-class service providers to see what reducing labor costs by 3% or increasing billing rate by 1% would do to your profit. Here’s how to get and use yours:  
    Submit to SLI with a report of your financial numbers  
    Download the meter  
    Make adjustments to see how to increase your profit  
    Use this tool to help with your financial planning for the current climate  
  Sea-Level Out & About:  
  Health and safety is a top priority. While we practice social distancing, we won’t be “out and about” but we will continue to host webinars and attend virtual events to stay connected to our community, digitally.

Here’s where we’ll be “zooming” to next:
  Webinar: How to Get Stronger Through a Crisis   14 April at 12 PT
  Webinar: Deliver Engaging Remote QBRs and IT Strategy Meetings   21 April at 12 PT
  ConnectWise Evolve – Virtual   04 – 08 May
  CharTech Quarterly   13-15 May
  Climb for a Cause   17-20 June
  ConnectWise Explore   22-24 June
  Regularly check our website for upcoming and recorded webinars.