January 2020  
  Owning A Business Doesn't Have To Be A Rollercoaster  
  Business owners can't pass troubles on to someone else. You always need to make the final call. It never slows down and you can't "jump off" the ride when it gets too intense. We agree that the ride doesn't stop, but it doesn't have to go through extreme highs and lows. Smooth out the "ride" with these suggestions from Sea-Level Founder and CEO Rex Frank.  
  Your Budget Is Your Roadmap: How To Get Started  
  By Todd Schorle, Executive Coach
It's hard to get somewhere if you don't know where you are going. Hitting a perfect budget spot on is not where you'll find the overwhelming value in budgeting. Rather it's in the process, experience and discovery through learning how to predict and what to examine. Having a budget enables you to set specific goals, build and execute on plans towards those goals and periodically evaluate your achievement of the objective.
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  New Website Coming Soon!  
  It's incredible how marketing continues to change. What's new is old and what's old is old! We teamed up with lead generation experts KLA Group to develop a fresh new website. It's coming soon, so keep your eyes peeled and let us know what you think! Visit the Sea-Level website.  
  Upcoming Free Webinars  
  Leveraging MSPCFO To Make Business Decisions  
  Join Rex Frank, CEO of Sea-Level Operations, and Larry Cobrin, CEO of MSPCFO, for a discussion and Q&A about how to use MSPCFO reports to diagnose financial problems that are stealing margin right out of your company.  
February 19, Noon CT
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  Integrating Strategy Overview Into Your VCIO Processes  
  Join Rex Frank, Founder and CEO of Sea-Level Operations, and Alex Markov, CEO & Co-Founder of Strategy Overview, for a discussion and Q&A about how to leverage the features of Strategy Overview (www.strategyoverview.com) to take your VCIO and Business Technology Review processes to a new level.  Don’t worry, we’ll leave time for a live Q&A.  
March 18, Noon CT
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  Sea-Level Out & About:  
Service Leadership index Benchmark Reports Due!
While our "Dual Membership" clients in both Sea-Level and Evolve/HTG report books were due on January 15, Non-Evolve/HTG SLI input is due on Tuesday, January 21. Please speak with your coach if you have ANY questions!
  Welcome New Team Members!  
  Welcome Jeremy Nelson!

Jeremy joins Sea-Level Operations as a Senior Executive Coach. A United States Navy Veteran, Jeremy is an accomplished business leader with over 25 years’ experience in technology service industries. He is eager to build relationships with Sea-Level clients and help them reach new heights of operational excellence.