February 2019
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  Sea-Level Monthly Webinar Series  
  Our Sea-Level Webinar Series is looking strong. It seems our favorite vendors are lining up to talk with the Sea-Level Community!

Here are the planned events:

  • On February 7th at 9:00AM PST, Dan Saxby from IT Nation Evolve (formerly HTG) will be joining Rex on a Live Webinar to discuss the benefits of Service and Sales Executive Peer Groups.

    Joe Cram from Solid Networks said "My goal is to have a peer group and a coach for each key employee." Sign up and find out why this is so important when building a leadership team! -> Register here!

  • On March 13th Auvik will be joining Rex on a Live Webinar to discuss Managing Tickets and Metrics. Auvik Registration to follow!
  • On April 11th at 1:00 PM PST, CrewHu CEO, Stephen Spiegel, will be joining Rex on a Live Webinar to discuss Client and Employee Satisfaction. -> Register here!
  • Also in April, Teamatics CEO, Jamison West, will be joining Rex on a Live Webinar to discuss how to build teams and leverage the skills of your team members. -> Registration Link to follow!
  • On the Horizon:
    • June 5th Manage2Win - Soft Skills Training
    • July 17th Nilear - Visibility and Accountability
    • August - IT By Design - Staffing and Talent
    • September - KLA Group - Sales and Marketing Operations
Leadership Corner  
  Top 6 Operational Mistakes
  1. Compromising on Immediate Time Entry
  2. Failure to “Lead” the staff to Utilizing the Standardized procedure
  3. Failure to Set Strategy and Translate to Tactics
  4. Lack of Account Management
  5. Not Managing to the Financial Metrics
  6. Waiting Until It’s Perfect
A few years ago...
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Sea-Level Out and About in 2019
Feb 6 - March 15  IT Nation Share (All North America Groups)  Ken, Todd, David, Rex, Stephanie, Jay and Ron are presenting. Also look for Chris and Rich. 
Feb 11 - 13  CharTec Operations Lab (Bakersfield)  Rex 
Feb 27 - Mar 1  CharTec Academy (Bakersfield)  Rex 
April 1 - April 5  Evolve Service Exec Peer Group and Service Summit (Chicago)  Ken / Stephanie 
April 29 - May 3  IT Nation Evolve (Dallas)  Chris 
June 13 - 15  IT Nation Explore (Orlando Bonnet Creek)  Rex 
  Know YOUR Numbers!  
  If you have not looked at your SR5 in your SLI Quarterly Report Books (On the Red/Yellow/Green page), Please do so RIGHT NOW!

2.8 is Best in Class. If you are below a 2.5 you have a service efficiency issue that you need to understand!

This means for every $100,000 in service payroll, engineers are billing $280,000 in service revenue.

Please speak with your coach if you have ANY questions!
  Welcome to our new Team Member!  

Amanda Glidden has joined Sea-Level to fill an important role as Content Specialist. She was previously the "Systems Administrator - ConnectWise Specialist" at Winxnet in Portland, ME. We look forward to improved and more standardized content in the Sea-Level Accountability Portal (SLAP)!


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