January 2019
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  Sea-Level Monthly Webinar Series  
  In 2019 we are looking forward to conducting monthly webinars with industry vendors. Below are the Q1 events.
  • In December, Rex traveled to Tampa where Craig Fulton hosted Sea-Level as part of the ConnectWise Path to Success series. Check out the recorded Operationalize Your Operations webinar!
  • On January 18th Rex is scheduled to join David and Jeff with Manage2Win. They will discuss Rex's journey in the I.T. space, the history of Sea-Level, and what makes Sea-Level such a popular, dynamic company to work with.

    The new Manage2Win Podcast is an interview-style podcast focusing on leadership, management, and how to succeed in life and business. Visit the Manage2Win Podcast after January 18th to watch and listen to the episode.
  • On February 7th at 9:00AM PST, Dan Saxby from ConnectWise/HTG will be joining Rex on a Live Webinar to discuss the benefits of Service and Sales Executive Peer Groups. Register here!
  • On March 13th Auvik will be joining Rex on a Live Webinar to discuss Managing Tickets and Metrics. Auvik Registration to follow!

Watch for what’s coming in Q2. Webinar registration instructions will be included in each monthly communication.

CRN MSP500  
  Today (January 18th at 5:00PM EST) is the deadline for the 2019 MSP500 by CRN. Don't forget to check off Sea-Level on question "16. Are you partnered with/sell any of the following service-focused technologies?"  
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Sea-Level Out and About in 2019
Jan 25  All Hands Meeting - Company Closed (Austin)  All 
Jan 28 - Feb 1  ConnectWise Evolve (HTG) (Phoenix)  Rex 
Feb 11 - 13  CharTec Ops Lab (Bakersfield)  Rex 
Feb 27 - Mar 1  CharTec Academy (Bakersfield)  Rex 
April 29 - May 3  ConnectWise Evolve (HTG) (Dallas)  Chris 
June 13 - 15  IT Nation Explore (Orlando Bonnet Creek)  Rex 
  Service Leadership Index Benchmark Reports Due!  
  While our "Dual Membership" clients in both Sea-Level and Evolve/HTG report books were due on January 15th, Non-Evolve/HTG SLI input is due on Monday, January 21st. Please speak with your coach if you have ANY questions!  
  Welcome to our new Team Members!  
  Todd Schorle started as a Sea-Level Client in 2011, sold TS Tech in 2018 and joined our Coaching Team.

Rich Benyon has been running Better U Coaching and after meeting Sea-Level at Automation Nation, joined our Coaching Team


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