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  • One-to-One Coaching

    May, 2015

    At Sea-Level, we believe in One-to-One coaching.  Why?  Because we can provide much more value and mentoring by conducting our consulting that way.  It allows us to follow one of our “hard core” beliefs:  “What is good for our clients, is good for Sea-Level Operations”.

    We work with you and your team using the Five Key Phases of Operational Development:

    1. Sea-Level Training on Templates and Concepts
    2. Template Customization to Your Business
    3. Staff Training on the New Policies and Processes
    4. Implementation of the New Operational Task
    5. Follow-up / Inspect What You Expect


    There are numerous advantages to our One-to-One coaching beginning with accountability.  With our coaching we hold our clients and their managers accountable to using best practices and ensuring their teams are also using them.  We work with you to create the process, then work on management of the process and then look at exceptions to ensure the process is followed.

    We believe in management by exception.  You should always have process which dictates how to accomplish tasks and organize data.  We then mentor how to manage the exceptions to the standardized process.  Our customized techniques allow managers to manage effectively and efficiently using your service management tool, CRM and accounting system.

    Planning – Your Coach will negotiate monthly Operational Strategic Objectives with the MSP Owner.  In this way, we have a customized approach to each of our engagements; managing deliverables and expectations each month.

    One-to-One Coaching allows us to know you, the client.  Every plan is personalized as we know how your business works and is managed.  This insight assists your coach in managing our calls with you.  Your business is not like anyone else’s.  You are unique and you need a unique plan when creating and implementing process.  Because we are conducting One-to-One coaching, we are “in the weeds” with you and your business.  We don’t just tell you how to do it, but assist you in the process, teaching, then following-up; ensuring accountability.

    Realistic expectations are developed.  By saying what we mean and backing up what we say, we are not that coach that agrees with everything.  We truly develop accountability and team ownership of what is being done.  Engineers begin to take responsibility for processes and hold each other accountable, allowing for a dynamic team environment.

    Let’s give your manager Sea-Legs!  We mentor One-to-One; assisting in learning how to be a true manager and what metrics to look at.  We transform engineers manages and managers into executives; teaching and mentoring to get their Sea-Legs, standing on their own to manage their section/division.  By following this process, they become a trusted advisor and management executive, as opposed to someone who simply tries to drive productivity.

    By using our unique One-to-One coaching; implementation, accountability, planning, personalization, setting realistic expectations and mentoring; we give managers the tools to push through growth barriers.