Ken Sponsler

kenKen Sponsler
Senior Executive Coach

Ken has been involved with computers and their applications since 1970; utilizing and working on a mainframe while in High School.  He worked with the US Government in many roles, is proud to be a veteran and throughout his working career, has been extremely active in the management and leadership of teams to accomplish specific goals; dating back to the mid-1970s.  He has also worked as a police officer in California and district manager for a major retail chain.

In 1998, Ken started working at Connecting Point of Greeley as a computer engineer and was promoted to the Vice President of Services Position in 2000.  Ken successfully assisted in the transition of Connecting Point from a product oriented computer reseller to a managed service provider of over 100 networks.

After 13 years at Connecting Point, Ken began working with Rex at Sea-Level Operations in 2011 as a Senior Executive Coach, mentoring and training Service Executives in the IT industry.

Ken is certifiably crazy about cars, bicycling, and photography and is active in the community.  Ken resides in Colorado, has been married to his amazing wife, Meggan, since 2006 and has one son, Josh, who lives in Bozeman, Montana.