Operations Guide

The Sea-Level Operations Guide

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Your Comprehensive Resource for Successful MSP Growth Management

Beyond our proven expertise, Sea-Level has a proprietary, industry-unique “business bible” for MSP executives.

The Sea-Level Operations Guide serves as a comprehensive client resource library. As our client, you will benefit from the Guide’s consolidated best practices and processes. You’ll gain great efficiencies and avoid pitfalls with our proven:

  • Planning Templates
  • Policies
  • Procedures

Already a comprehensive resource covering an extensive range of operational needs, our Operations Guide is a dynamic, constantly updated library to ensuring you always have access to up-to-date references and resources in a quickly changing business climate.

Sea-Level Operations Executive Coaches will work with you and/or your Service Manager to understand and adopt the proven best practices contained in our Operations Guide.

Why reinvent the wheel? Learn from the assimilated success of hundreds of others with Sea-Level.

An Industry Best Practices & Processes Library at Your Fingertips

Access to the extensive Sea-Level Operations Guide (which includes documented process, policy and procedures) includes an extensive range of essential templates. Click on the MSP business operational categories below to see the extensive components and templates available to you through our Operations Guide.


Get your PSA Configured Correctly

  • Business Units
  • Service/Project Board Configuration
  • Basic Workflow Rules
  • Agreement Configuration
  • Correct Billing Rates
  • Travel Billing Configuration
  • Expense Report Types
  • Client Portal
  • Member Security Role Configuration
  • Recurring Service Tickets
  • Initial SLA Configuration

Get Your Policy and Procedures Documented

  • Expense Report Procedures
  • Ticket Triage Process
  • Ticket Dispatch Process
  • Engineer Time Entry/Sheet Procedures & Policy
  • After Hours/On Call Policy
  • Ticket Closing Procedures
  • Time Sheet Approval Processes

Establish Measurable KPIs

  • Agreement Profitability
  • Ticket Age
  • SLA Measurement
  • Service Efficiency/Utilization
  • Displaying KPIs for the Team

Service Team Human Resources

  • Engineer Bonus Plan
  • Service Manager Bonus Plan
  • Organization Chart vs. Accountability Chart
  • Employee Job Descriptions
  • PTO/Vacation Calendar
  • Payroll Procedures

Leverage Your Tools

  • RMM Tool Effectiveness
  • Client Password Management
  • Client Documentation Processes (Minimum Documentation)
  • Client Backup Monitoring Processes
  • Client Patch Management Processes
  • Firewall/Security Management Processes
  • Desktop/Endpoint Script Management
  • Standardization of BDR/Servers/Workstations Across Clients
  • Internal Network Infrastructure

Get your Accounting Systems in Order

  • PSA GL Mapping to Correct Business Unit GL Accounts
  • Down Payment Tracking
  • Proposal Integration (Quosal/QuoteWerks)
  • Billing Products from your PSA
  • Disputed Invoice/Credit Memo Processes
  • Hourly Time Billing Procedures
  • Recurring Agreement Billing Procedures
  • RMM/BDR/Spam Integration for Agreement Quantity Billing
  • Finance Reporting in Service Leadership Index Format
  • Procurement Coordination with Dispatch and Accounting
  • Accounts Receivable Processes

Client Facing Systems

  • Pre-Sales Client Assessment (Red Flags/Minimum System Standards)
  • New Client Onboarding
  • Tracking of Renewals and Warranty Expirations
  • Project Management Processes
  • Develop the Account Management Role (Sales to Existing Clients)
  • Client Touch Plan
  • Client Satisfaction Quality Control Processes
  • Quarterly Business Reviews (VCIO Role)
  • Problem Management for Tough Client Issues
  • Regulatory Compliance (HIPAA, etc.)

Get Ready to Grow!

  • Hiring Processes
  • New Employee Onboarding Processes
  • Admin and Management Compensation Plan
  • Employee Annual Training Programs
  • ITIL Understanding/Training
  • Employee Goal Setting/One-on-One Meetings


  • Company Mission, Vision, Values
  • Marketing Manager
  • MSP Branding
  • Marketing Plan
  • Newsletter
  • Website
  • Vendor Management/Maintaining Authorizations
  • MDF Funds from Vendors
  • Lunch and Learn Topics and Calendar
  • Annual Open House/Technology Expo

Develop Outside Sales Strategy

  • Sales Compensation Plan
  • Managing Opportunities/Sales Funnel
  • Sales Process for Engineers Participating in Scoping

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