Coaching Strategy

Beyond Theory to Practical, Pragmatic Execution

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“Vision without Execution is Hallucination”

– Thomas Edison

In a world where consultants can be found on virtually any corner, it’s only natural to wonder what the specific takeaways from working with Sea-Level will be.

Think of Sea-Level Operations as the best BI consultancy and toolset out there to support your MSP operational decision-making. But instead of delivering tedious reports, we become extended members of your team, with personalized, 1:1 coaching, clear actionable advice, and without the million-dollar price tag.

Via individual, pre-scheduled live phone-based weekly coaching sessions, our seasoned, veteran MSP experts work with you on the particular issues you’re facing now – as well as on the longer-term growth strategy we develop together, based on your goals.

Expert guidance from proven experts is provided every week, to surely and simply help you to actively and efficiently manage your own growth.

Specifically, we will enable you to: 

  • Stop being the “Technician” and start being the “Manager”
  • Create an Annual Strategic Operations Plan
  • Leverage your RMM and PSA tools to drive down costs
  • Manage the engineers and incent behaviors
  • Create and document effective day to day policies and procedures
  • Identify & measure Key Performance Indicators
  • Understand your financial metrics
  • Ease the burden on accounting
  • …and most importantly, relieve your MSP owner of daily operational overload to free them for strategic selling.

Want to Achieve Your Best Performance?
Get a Great Coach.

At a high level, you can expect the following key components to your customized Coaching plan:

  • Each Sea-Level Operations client is assigned a Senior Executive Coach.
  • The Coach will schedule recurring meetings with the MSP owner and separate recurring meetings with the Service Manager.
  • The Coach will negotiate monthly Operational Strategic Objectives with the MSP Owner.
  • The Coach will then work with the Service Manager on a Weekly basis to explain the applicable sections from the Sea-Level Operations Guide, help the Service Manager customize the documents for their own use and most importantly, help the Service Manager execute on implementing the new policies, procedures and processes into their business.
  • Weekly “homework” is required between calls, to ensure the newly defined processes and policies are quickly & effectively translated to execution.

A Proven Framework for Successful MSP
Operational Planning

Your Sea-Level Executive Coach will work with you on each recurring call to guide you through each of Sea-Level’s five key phases of Operational Development.

  1. Sea-Level Training on Templates and Concepts
  2. Template Customization to Your Business
  3. Staff Training on the New Policies and Processes
  4. Implementation of the New Operational Task
  5. Follow Up / Inspect what you Expect

While we take a best-practice approach in our coaching strategy, our actual coaching sessions are personally tailored to your specific business situation, challenges and goals.

Get on the path to MSP profits – set up a consultation today.