Back Office Services

Invoicing with Confidence and Clarity

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Scope of Services

There are 5 Chances to get an invoice correct:

  1. When the ticket is Triaged prior to the engineer working on the ticket
  2. When the engineer enters time on a ticket
  3. During Quality Control when the ticket is moved from Completed to Closed status
  4. When time-sheets are approved
  5. When the invoice is created and reviewed

Sea-Level Back Office ConnectWise Time Review and Invoicing is designed to assist with numbers 3, 4, and 5.

Sea-Level Agrees to:

Closing Completed Tickets

Sea-Level will look at each completed ticket for the following conditions:

  • Work performed on the correct service board
  • Correct agreement selected / not selected
  • Correct Work Role and Work Type selected
  • Work performed in a reasonable amount of time
  • Best effort to find spelling and grammar errors

Errors will be sent back to the engineer for correction

Timesheet Review

Sea-Level will look at each timesheet for the following conditions:

  • Payroll / Admin Wrap properly entered when less than 8 hours are recorded
  • Agreements are not selected for excluded work roles and work types
  • Time Deduct is properly used for overlapping time entries
  • Each time entry contains relevant notes

Errors will be sent back to the engineer for correction

Time and Expense Invoicing

Sea-Level will create invoices as follows:

  • Create zero dollar invoices for work covered by agreements
  • Create T&M invoices for work not covered by agreements
  • Create Project invoices for Actual rates, Down payments and Progress Invoices
  • Credit Memos as required
  • If Engineer errors are discovered during invoicing, they will corrected and a note sent to the engineer.

Monthly Agreement Invoicing

Research and enter changing agreement quantities

  • Example: Intermedia, eFolder, Reflexion, VoIP resale

Print and mail as required

Invoice Batch Emailing as required

Product Invoicing

Upon notification:

  • Update Opportunity Status to “Won”
  • Convert the Opportunity to an appropriate Sales Order, Ticket, Project or Agreement
  • Depending on procurement settings, invoices will be created and sent when appropriate

Batch Invoices to QuickBooks as Required*

*Remote Control / Terminal Server access required.