Todd Schorle

Endless Discovery. Clear Perspective.

Todd Schorle
Senior Executive Coach

Todd Schorle is a Senior Executive Coach of Sea-Level Operations, LLC. Todd is a Penn State Graduate with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Management and Marketing.

Todd has over 22 years of industry experience in the IT service delivery field. Todd founded his MSP, TS Tech Enterprises, Inc., in 1996. Starting as a break-fix company, Todd quickly pivoted TS Tech to be an early adopter of the Managed Services business practice. Todd championed the push to fixed fee recurring revenue because the managed services “win-win” relationship framework aligned with his core beliefs. In 2011, Todd traveled with Level Platforms as a guest speaker sharing with others how he built his Managed Services practice. In 2012, Todd engaged with Rex Frank of Sea-Level to refine and scale the Managed Services offering to the next level.

Todd enjoys a passion for lifelong learning and the challenge of solving problems. He enjoys bicycling, hiking, camping and outdoor adventures with his Wife and their eight year old twins. Following a personal dream, Todd earned his private pilot’s license in 2006. Todd volunteers for one week each summer at the Pennsylvania Free Enterprise Week, a program dedicated to teaching young people about Entrepreneurship and leadership in fun environment. Todd is a Ham Radio Operator and an assistant Scout leader. Todd and family share a passion for traveling and enjoy experiencing culture, language, and cuisine from around the world. In 2016, Todd and family lived in Costa Rica for two months where they enrolled in Spanish language immersion classes, surf school, and local cooking classes. The trip started as a sabbatical celebration for 20 years running TS Tech, but the experience of running a company, while completely removed from day-to-day operations allowed Todd and his team leaders the opportunity to grow.

Todd enjoys being curious and is a creative and analytical problem solver. Todd participated in HTG executive peer groups from 2013-2018. In 2018 Todd joined Sea-Level to share his experience and help coach others as they journey through building, scaling, and leading their MSPs. In 2019 Todd completed the merger of TS Tech Enterprises, Inc. into CompassMSP to focus on coaching.