Ron Losefsky

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Ron Losefsky
Senior Executive Coach

Ron Losefsky is a Senior Executive Coach of Sea-Level Operations, LLC. He joined the company in October 2017.

Ron has over 20 years industry experience in development, sales, operations and project management.

In 2012 Ron joined a Phoenix, Arizona based Managed Services Provider, where he was a catalyst for dramatic improvements in critical business areas, including operations and project management, data analysis and reporting, lead generation and sales and employee development.

Ron is a results oriented coach who lives to improve operational excellence, client satisfaction, and business profitability using best practices, a variety of business tools, and a flexible approach tailored to the culture and needs of each client.  Ron excels at process and workflow analysis, process improvement, insightful data analysis, root cause analysis and at asking the right questions.

When he is not coaching, Ron enjoys flying, mountain biking, backpacking, visiting his children, and volunteering with the local US Vets chapter.